Attis Medical was at the AAOS this year, represented by its President, Fernando Mendes, and Vice President, Navarro. They were pleased to meet all of our suppliers and many of our partners at the event. 

AAOS 2017

We were also very honored to receive a special prize from one of our suppliers, Orthofix: "The Rookies of the Year" in Chile. 

We want to congratulate our team in Chile for all their hard work in 2016 and Orthofix for the recognition of our efforts.

Fernando and Navarro said it was a great event and there are more new products to come in 2017! 

We can´t wait to hear what they have to say. If you have been in their team for a while, you already know what this means, more work! All good work and the team is excited about it.    

AAOS 2017 Annual Meeting